Three main categories of inflatable boats exist on the market. The Rigid Inflatable Boat (R.I.B), Performance Rigid Roll-ups and the Collapsible models.

The RIBs offer higher performance capability and stability as a sport boat. In comparison to standard aluminum or fiberglass boats, RIBs are lighter in weight and provide higher performance with a smaller size engine. They provide virtually maintenance free use and are very popular both as tenders and sport boats. We recommend a fiberglass hull with gel coat over an aluminum hull for a RIB.

Apex has obteined certification for all its models of boats. Beware of boats with the points on the wrong end!
You need to consider how you intend to use your inflatable boat. This will influence the design and sizes of boat that best meet your needs.

Such considerations should include: Number of passengers and gear you will normally carry, to estimate the weight capacity.
Room needed for bulky equipment and supplies. What type of conditions and elements you will expose your boat to