That essential quality...

APEX® boats reflect the commitment to quality which is an essential ingredient in the conception and manufacture of our designs. As we insist on the highest quality, naturally we choose Dupont's Hypalon® for all of our boats. This unique, reinforced fabric used by all reputable manufacturers and requested in accordance with military, navy, and commercial specifications. This unique fabric provides the best possible resistance to damage from ultraviolet rays, oil and gasoline spills as well as from life's other little knocks - and our easy clean finish makes life easier too!

Hypalon® is able to withstand wide temperature variations, affording owners the confidence to cruise tropical islands or explore Arctic regions, safe in the knowledge that their quality APEX® boat is built to withstand the elements. Our boats are built to last. We use only heavy duty 1,000 Denier Hypalon® (1,000 Denier = approximately 1,100 Decitex) - for toughness - over a Polyester reinforcement - for stretch resistance - while Neoprene, on the inside provides for superior airtightness.

For people wanting to combine the stability of an inflatable with high performance. RIBs provide the perfect solution. In addition, APEX® purchasers gain the further advantage of a stable high performance boat which weighs considerably less than a standard craft.

Other conveniences offered by the APEX® RIB configuration:
Lighter on lift crane and davit. Easily towed by a small car.
Easily stored launch able in almost any situation, beach, boat or ramp.
High efficiency usage of motor power.
Uses less gas allows for use of smaller motors

No wonder our clients chose APEX® Inflatable both as sports boats, and as yacht's tenders.

An APEX® RIB minimizes the damage which often occurs when a solid tender is brought alongside, as well as reducing the weight and wear on davits and having incredibly low maintenance costs. What more could you ask? Simple - If you need an inflatable, ASK APEX®! What you need to know when buying an inflatable boat Specifications for the complete APEX® line of quality inflatable Return to the APEX® Inflatable Boats.

The 'state of the art' V-shaped hulls used in the APEX® RIB design, combined with the other design features of our boats, ensure that your APEX® RIB will slice through the waves with ease, keep you dry, and get you to your destination in safety.

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